Jessiah's Quilt

Here I am basting together the quilt sandwich with Jane Eyre on in the background to keep me company. Not the happiest of movies, I know.

Here is a closer look at the back of the quilt. I made this strip using all the remaining scraps from the front.

Now I'm off to some free-motion quilting. From this point on, I am to keep it hidden from Jessiah. He chose the type of free-motion to be used, then told me he doesn't want to see it again till its done so it will be somewhat of a surprise.

Once my kids hit a certain age, I like to get their opinions on such things. That way I can get or do things that are truely to their liking. Let's face it. I would not have picked skeleton heads. And I don't like the surprise of their not liking my surprise for them.


  1. It's looking good!

  2. I think a quilt is a great gift. And since you already know he likes the fabric, ahh.... he'll probably keep it forever! That's awesome!


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