Carrot Cake Recipe

Of Cakes and Creativity

If you need a wedding cake, definately don't call me.
If you want to come over for tea and carrot cake, that's more my style.

 I re-remembered after making this carrot cake that my talents include many things, and a wedding cake designer is NOT one of them. Crumbs in the crust...getting the texture in (or out of) the frosting...keeping the cake plate tidy...transporting and the actual decorating....I admire those who do these amazing feats with ease. But instead of being frustrated with such things, I will continue to enjoy making the simple and rustic looking, yet delightfully yummy desserts for family and friends. 

 In regards to our craft, I do think it is so important to take note of the things that we do well and not feel badly about those we do not do well. I think it is even more important to pay attention to which things bring us joy while doing them. In the end, do we feel rejuvenated? Or do we feel tired out and stressed? We can be busy doing many things. We can even be good at many things. But how lovely it is to also do the things that both bring us joy and come naturally!  

As a mom, I like to help my children find skills that fit them.  I like to shape their homeschooling around their giftings rather than overwhelming them with a bunch of busy work. Oh, they do get plenty of the tough stuff, don't get me wrong, but I love finding what makes them excited, too, and try to sprinkle that in our week's curriculum. I think doing the fun stuff - our gifting, if you will, - helps bring joy into all the not-so-fun stuff we do. When I am being creative, even if it's just an evening here and there, or a stolen moment of hand quilting while waiting at a martial arts class, I find I feel more satisfied doing the daily tasks that lay before me, too.

 I believe God designed us to be creative in one way or another. And when we discover and express His creativity in our daily lives, He gives a natural fulfillment. Some people are creative with words and write prolificly. One of my friends is crazy good with money and talks with CEO's of multi-million dollar companies. Some have quite an eye for beauty and are photographers. Some are organizers. Some use paint and canvas. Some create with music. We are all unique with very different talents, indeed.

We even have our whole life ahead with its many seasons to continue discovering and developing our gifts. If you are not sure what your 'thing' is, ask your friends and family what they see. Or check out new blogs with their many tutorials to learn a new skill...then go ahead and give it a try. Share what you enjoy with those around you, too. We can be an encouragement to each other. Some of my family members get soooo busy in their work and other responsibilities, that I like to encourage them to take little creativity breaks every once-in-a-while. But if you are super busy right now with work or nurturing babies, find something simple that fits into your lifestyle. Knitting, crochett and pencil drawing are great projects to keep with you in a beautiful bag. When you get a break, or the baby falls asleep on you, just sneak out your bag and create away. A stolen moment of creativity can be refreshing to the soul.

Oh. By the way, this carrot cake recipe from Emeril Lagasse was great. I like to leave out the butter in the frosting and cut back on the powdered sugar. It tastes more cream-cheesy and less sugary. And now, to refrain from polishing off the rest of the carrot cake all by myself...


  1. This is as delightful as it is true - thank you!

    "I do think it is so important to take note of the things that we do well and not feel badly about those we do not do well. I think it is even more important to pay attention to which things bring us joy while doing them."

  2. I love that a post on carrot cake turned into a post on life. It really all runs together. I think that's cool that you can craft home school to fit each personality and gifting. Way to be a big picture mom. :)

  3. Annie21.4.10

    Great post Tina!

  4. Thank you friend. I needed to hear this, as I was attempting to decorated airplane shaped cookies for Caleb to take to school. It should be duly noted that cooking baking and decorating are not my strengths. . .

  5. I meant cookie baking. Not cooking. . . I can cook.
    Miss you friend!


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