Vintage Fabric Quilt

I started this quilt just after Christmas. Here it is taped to my kitchen floor as I basted it with safety pins during the Academy Awards.

I spent one evening piecing the top and back with fabrics I had found at a yard sale a while back in my quest for inexpensive vintage fabrics. I have to say this quilt was inspired by my friend, Monica's quilts. She has amazing vintage fabrics which have been collected over the years that she makes into works of art inspired by the quilts of Geez Bend. She uses bright, happy fabrics like the kind made in the 60's. These are probably more like 80's fabrics which  lack the brilliant color & design. They are not my personal favorites. (The bright yellow which I only had a small piece of is most liked)  I prefer the larger, more modern prints that are out there by Amy Butler and Carolyn Gavin but they are abit too pricey for me for now, and I would need huge amounts to make this type of design. I had absolutely no plan when I started, but proceeded prompted by her encouragement. Having large amounts of most of the fabrics made it easy to just cut large strips and sew. Not alot of thinking.  I really wanted to experiment. I so often feel that I need to have the whole thing planned out before I begin, with measurements and pattern in hand, or atleast in my head. It was quite delightful to just go for it. My friend also frequently quilts hers by hand, which I think I will give a try with this one. So many times I am just sitting and waiting, either martial arts with the boys, or taking them surfing, or even watching a boy movie. You know, the action packed special effects type. Now I can be doing something creative at the same time like those ladies who stand around knitting. Have quilt. Will travel!

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