Boat Quilt - Done

Here is the finished quilt.
A closeup of the center. Annie, the commissionee and my dear friend, designed the boat for her son's room

Here is a closeup of the binding, my favorite part. I felt this quilt started looking too much like a Pottery Barn kids quilt, so I wanted to give it more of a homespun look. I took various scraps I had remaining from the boat, sewed them into the strip in random places for the binding. Voila. Not from Pottery Barn.

Here is a closeup of the freemotion quilting. Not perfect. I like not perfect. It's my style. In everything I do. But...If anyone has helpful hints on keeping the stiches even, I would be grateful. I have a new Janome that my dad and stepmom bought for me, so it's all new to me. Advice is welcome. Very welcome.


  1. "Not Perfect" is my kind of style too! Quilting is definitely a hobby I would love to take up one of these days. I also have a Janome, but only know how to use about 1/4 of what it can do. Maybe we can take a class together one day!

  2. Wow, that's awesome! Sara, I didn't know you were into quilting.

  3. Annie11.3.10

    Russell LOVES is new "Quill" He said it so bumpy and smooth! I have some good pictures of him on his bed that you can post:)


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