Sick Day

I woke up feeling rather yucky today. Not sure what it is, but I spent the day on the couch. Nevertheless, I was surprised by a lovely day. Not having much to do, I soaked in the precious little moments. Simeon was up in the front yard tree reading his book. I took a few minutes to observe. It was a delight to watch him in his own world - ropes tied to lift up the bucket filled with books and the bundle encasing his blanket and water. He frequently does some schoolwork in the tree, but I don't often get to soak it in. Then there was Caleb. He thought I would enjoy watching you tube clips of Brian Regan since I wasn't feeling well. We sat on the couch laughing together for quite a while until Simmers joined in on the fun. (I wonder if someday Caleb will be a comedian.) We had a pretty nice, slow morning. Academics often don't take too long around here so there is plenty of time to just sit around and persue other interests and enjoy one another. I need to remember to set aside my housework and projects to spend uninterrupted time enjoying my boys.

I think this is one of the things God had in mind, when he tells us in Deuteronomy to train our children as we go about our days. Yes, it's a big job to raise our children, but it is also a blessing, not to mention, sometimes hilariously entertaining.


  1. Stomach flu sick? I hope you didn't get sick from us. Oh no!

  2. I doubt it was from you. So far, we are not as miserable as your family was. It has been a while since you were plagued, anyways. I think it would be so interesting to see how the bugs travel from person to person, and how long it took. A map with blinking lights...


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