Clean Socks

It was 11:00 at night. I thought all my kiddos were asleep. I was at my computor, and I heard the wierdest sound coming from the boys room. It was my son, Simeon, baby-stepping along into the kitchen for a drink of water. Why the bag? I just bought him new socks and he was trying to keep them clean! He was not trying to be funny, at all. He was quite serious about his dilema, but we soon laughed together sooo hard about it for a very long time. Maybe I need to buy him socks more often so he can worry about them less. Or maybe he's just like his dad who never, ever wears his socks without some form of dirt-protecting coverage. Or maybe I need to clean the floors more often. I like the 'buy more socks' idea.


  1. This is hilarious! I just laughed out loud! He is creative to say the least! And you are a great mom for choosing to laugh about it at 11pm!!

  2. That is so funny. Simeon - you're a goofy guy!


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