Twig and leaf project

Twigs. I love twigs. I love taking pictures of trees that no longer have their foliage. Twigs are all over my house. I have even been known to raid my neighbor's yard bin when they trim their trees. Not too long ago I came home with my husband's BMW trunk overflowing with twigs. He had a business friend over and I might say that it wasn't the best timing. How does one explain their wife's obsession with sticks? Why twigs? Is it because I love their texture and shape? Is it because my favorite color is brown? Is it because I can't keep a live plant alive or because I am too much of a cheapskate to buy fresh flowers for the family table (did I mention they make great centerpieces)? Or is it because it reminds me that it is God who gives us seasons in which it looks as if we are dead but really life is just waiting to burst out making the world bright and rich and full of color?

This is a fun project to make with a few branches you might find in your neighborhood. I followed the free directions by Amy Butler, except I used real twigs instead of the suggested plastic ones, and I sewed the leaves on by hand instead of using a machine. This is a great time of year to bring some color into your home.

If you make some, share it and I will post it!

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