Another Sunday meal

ricotta stuffed noodles, ceasar salad, homemade tapenade and focaccia bread, garlic-jalepeno stuffed olives, chicken tenders, good wine...and of course family
a bad picture of a wintery table

We had a nice day. For me it started out with an early jog in the crisp morning air. I love running. My knees don't always agree with my sentiments, though. Today was busier than normal. Most Sunday morning jogs are quiet events, allowing me to take up the flat part of the road and pretty much be in my own little world for a short time. Well, surf was up, which for me means there were alot of cars, most of which are not looking where they are driving due to the importance of wave checking. It also meant I saw too many people that knew me. One dear lady cheered me on. One friend, who shall remain nameless, was in his boxers, which, I have to say, is better than the guy in a speedo. (Thank goodness I didn't know him) One lady in a new white pickup with a hoodie honked at me. For the life of me, I can't figure out who it could have been. But I smiled and waved. All this is undesirable for 2 reasons. one. I was dressed horribly with a beenie pulled over my bedhead. and two. I really prefer to be unnoticed in all that I do. Next, we were off to church to hear the 5th sermon in a series on sex. The makings for humerous and educational conversations with my young ones, indeed! :) We took the long way home, driving past the Oneil Coldwater Classic. When home, we went for a family walk to check out the huge waves.Whales were off on the horizon soooo far away, and yet we could see their spurts of water. Both the powerful waves and the mighty whale remind me that God is big. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the kitchen getting yummy things prepared while the boys watched football and played chess and relaxed. The smell of bread baking. Candles. Fall table arrangements. Surrounded by family. I am enjoying our return to Sunday family meals and teaching time. Sometimes I remind my children that one day we will all have "Sunday meals" in heaven. A big wedding banquet. Jesus is getting it ready for us. We will sit at the most beautifully decorated table with our loved ones who have gone on before us. We will laugh. We will celebrate. We will tell stories. We will eat. The food won't even give us cavities or make us fat. Maybe, we won't even have to do the dishes. We will rest.

Fyi. It's leftovers and soup the rest of the week.


  1. I found your blog!!!!
    Interesting sermon series. I just finished a book on the subject. We'll have to talk. :)

  2. Tina, you secret blogger! And I never knew you jogged! This sounds like such a peaceful day and perfect ending with the images of the banquet dinner! It seems SO far away for us with little ones, but a good reminder that the time is coming up!


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