My Friend Sally

Remember my friend Sally? 

She came home with this girl quite a few seasons ago now,
but alas, 
completely ignored
and rather neglected
she has sadly been.

Until now.

For this girl got a hankerin' for a dreamy dress
to wear this Easter Sunday,
which is rather a silly thing to hanker for
considering Easter Sundays 
are known to be quite chilly in this corner of the world.
Infact, only one or two Easters 
out of these 29 years we have been abiding
in our beach town so lovely,
can I remember being warm enough to dawn a springy dress to church,
but designing a dress
I determined was a must 
for this girl.
A dressy dress 
made from a sheet of course 
that can be worn with jeans
and a sweater
and a wool jacket
and boots.
 Although some would say that doesn't really work,
and perhaps some did,
this girl was pleasantly pleased,
my dear one via a phone picture loved it,
which is my favorite compliment, indeed,
and married man didn't take a hit to the wallety wallet.

Being my dear one's first Easter away,
making a little something for her was a must!

Sending it sneakily in the mail
to her home far away,
made this slightly sad momma 
feel much, much better, indeed.
This girl is always amazed
at how thinking of and loving others
brings joy to ones heart
when it might be a wee bit weepy.

And back to my friend Sally...
she was surprisingly a help.
For although her waist is designed for women of the 50's,
who it seems had itsy-bitsy waists,
I found laying the pieces over her shoulders and 
around her neck
to be much more useful
than my flat, 
kitchen table.
So this girl
with her friend Sally,
will soon embark upon 


  1. What a cute dress--I confess that I haven't sewn a dress in many years, and to think--I used to sew almost all my own clothes

  2. that is a dreamy dress. great pics and blog post, most creative! cheers ;-)

  3. Anonymous13.5.11

    I love both of these! So nice to see you today Tina!!! I'm going to go read about your dress challenge now and then think up:

    a. blogging about it
    b. what fabric you will want
    c. what dress I will want to make and finally...
    d. what fabric I will want.

    It never ends...


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