Recycled Coffee Sack Grocery Bag

At Christmas, I ran out of sheets for my thrifty gift-making, but still had one more present to go. 
Here is a grocery bag I made for my sister out of recycled coffee bean bags and vintage fabric scraps.
I filled it with wine, marinara sauce and homemade pasta and focaccia bread.

She loved it, which is a great compliment coming from her. She is not a purse kind of girl. Hates them, actually. I hunted for vintage pillowcases that fit her, but nothing shouted her name. Then I spied a pile of burlap coffee bags I had borrowed from a friend for table decorations I put together at an event a while back. They shouted her name. It was perfect for my sister. And, oops Acacia and Garrett, I will be returning one less bag to you! They used them at their wedding.

Did you know that you can go to your local roaster and ask for them? From various countries they receive raw coffee beans in huge burlap sacks. These are from Verve Coffee here in Santa Cruz. You do need a heftier machine to sew with, though. And they can be itchy and sneezy to work with, but well worth it.

Here is my sister and me on the Ranch.


  1. Tina! I LOVE THIS!! Seriously. I made bags similar to this but with jeans. They were nice, but this is more what I think I like. Well done. I may have to go out and get some of this stuff myself. Do you think they are harder to sew than denim?

  2. Oooo! This is so cool, Tina! Well done, indeed!! Totally love it!

  3. Beautiful my friend. Your creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire me.
    Thank you!


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