Japanese Tea Ceremony

I help teach a group of homeschoolers weekly at Covenant Family Tutorial. 
Here is one of the great afternoon classes that was held:

This Japanese Tea Ceremony ceremony begins by removing shoes, putting on slippers and quietly sitting on pillows in a circle.

The founder/owner of CFT and teacher Miss Lutz explains the history of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

We drink tea called a chawan, then make slurping sounds to signify our appreciation to our host:
Being told to slurp by an adult made for some pretty happy kids!

Hot water and lemon cleans the palate:

Putting the cup on the floor in front of them they place both their hands on the ground forming a triangle. A short blessing is said. Except for a few giggles and wiggles, the room is silent.

When each of the several cups is brought to them, they place it in the palm of their hand, look at the cup, turn it in three moves so it faces you again before butting it down. In the Japanese culture, it is important for guests to notice and complement the hostess' dishes.

Now a several course meal is served.
Here is a plate of food representing the mountains and sea eaten in silence, 
except for the slurp at the end, of course:

Then a plate with pickles accompanied by white rice:

Popcorn is served representing winter:

More twisting of cups:

At the close of our ceremony, we once again admire our hostess' dishware, marveling at the beauty, thanking her for inviting us:

We silently and respectfully leave the room by bowing:

then backing out:

Gather a group of amazing kids, or just your own, and try a Japanese Tea Ceremony. There are a variety of ways to perform one. Choose the traditions you would enjoy and have fun learning about another time in history, and another culture.

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