Sewing with Kids - Caleb's Quilt

Day 8

Today, Caleb puts it all together!

Here he is taping down all the layers on my nice clean floor. Umm. This is one way to get me to mop! But did I mop the whole floor? No. Only what was necessary, of course. First, tape down the front of the quilt with the right/happy side down, stretching it nice and flat as you go. Next tape down the batting, smooth and wrinkle-free. Lastly, tape down the back of the quilt with the right side up.

In the picture below you can see all three layers are taped down, and now Caleb is pinning it together with safety pins. I helped Caleb with the pinning while we watched, well, mostly listened to, a good movie. The pins are 6-8 inches apart.

Now he is ready for the quilting...

1 comment:

  1. Caleb, you are doing an amazing job with your quilt! I look forward to seeing it when it's done.


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