Sewing with Kids - Caleb's Quilt

Day 4

Next we arranged the blocks in 3 rows of 14 on the kitchen table, trying to make sure 2 of the same fabrics were not next to one another horizontally or vertically. A fun little puzzle. This is where having extra blocks came in handy.

We stacked up each row,

Then labeled the stacks - row 1,2 and 3.

It will be a few days before we move on.
 The sun is out and I think this boy wants to surf!

And....I'm a little stuck. I have been working a smaller version of this quilt to work out all the bugs so Caleb doesn't have to. Well. I definately have a bug to work out. I just bought a walking foot for my Janome to quilt lines for this quilt instead of the squiggly free-motion quilting I have been doing. Tonight I tried it on my practice quilt (that I was hoping to sell upon completion). It soooo didn't work. Lots of puckers. There is no way I can do a square pattern because it has pushed the blocks in differing directions. Argh! Blog World of amazing quilters, here I come to search out the problem and fix it because I really want to be able to sew lines and squares and such. I just hope the answer is not a several thousand dollar machine because thats not an option! Maybe it's time to buy this book.

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