A Happy Mother Indeed

Here's my daughter
I have to say
she inspires me to be creative,
to get out of my plain-jane-world,
to add color to my life,
edge to my hair.
...cause, look at her
She is bold.
She is creative.
She is beautiful.
She is funny.
Our favorite place to shop is the side of the road.
Did I mention she taught her brothers to clap and sing so long ago?
Now she sings with her Love.
He is a good man, and a blessed man, indeed.

Here is my adult son.
He challenges me to think more logically
About politics.
About economics and
How things really work.
And about the un-importance of clean rooms.
He is a good man.
A good son.
A good brother.
He has a great sense of people's character.
A caring, easy way with people.
We watch wierd shows together.
He says when he moves on to wife or adventure, we will still watch wierd shows together.
Oh. And he likes to play with fire.
I try not to think about it.

Here is my middle son.
He makes my comfort-zone of wall-flower impossible.
A good thing, I think.
He is loud
Because he is full of life.
He is tender.
He is passionate about the simple things in life.
He has a gift of words and wit.
He cracks me up.
He is teachable.
He trys hard to improve his ways.
He is full of music.
He taps the beat on everything and everyone.
He helps me remember things
Like movie quotes,
Family moments
And who said what and when,
And lots of other random facts.
He has a sweet way with the young.
He loves to surf with the old.
He's a pretty cool kid.

Here is my youngest
If I was stranded on an island with him,
He'd know how to build shelter
And which plants to eat
Or not eat.
But, I do hope
We are never stranded on an island.
He is affectionate.
A snuggle-bug.
He's almost old enough to not want me to tell you that.
He is creative.
Even downright messy.
He looses things.
We laugh together about it.
What else can we do?
He likes to play with fire, too.
But I won't let him.

This is the man who works crazy hard
So I can stay home and be a mom!
A long time ago
We wanted to have a family
And grow old together.
We have a great family.
And we are getting old.
I think he needs needs to catch up with me on the gray hair thing, though.

Happy Mother's Day to all!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Tina. You are a wonderful mom!! Throughout this post I can hear you giggle and see you pause and smile and tilt your head. you have some amazing kids. Blessed indeed. Also, reaping what you have sown. It's pretty plain to see that your kids feel safe and loved and valued and so much more...

  2. Beautiful post Tina, I loved reading about everyone! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. annie11.5.10

    How Sweet! Such fun to sit and reflect on the things you love the most about your family. Very beautiful and poetic.


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