Clothes Design

Clothes design. If you have a favorite shirt or dress, have you ever thought of making another one? Without a pattern? Well, today, that is exactly what I did. Crazy, I know.

Why would I consider clothes design? Several reasons. First, I have recently perused through a few books on clothes design like this one at Harts Fabrics that really made it look do-able.

I have also seen beautiful hand designed clothes in various etsy shops. This is one of my favorites.

Clothes design from scratch is a new idea for me, but having been sewing since I was a kid, I have followed many-a-pattern so I kind of know how things are put together, although I usually don't follow all the rules. Sometimes patterns have way too many detailed steps for my liking. Patterns can also be pricy adding a good deal to the cost of the garment being made. Then there is the ordeal of going to the store to look through all the books and find a pattern with fabric that makes it work. I tend to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities and go home empty handed and too tired to sew anyways.

Another reason I decided to attempt clothes design is to be frugel. I have to admit, it has been frustrating having frugality forced upon us, but it has also helped me see things differently and encouraged the creative side in me and my children. One of my friends recently gave me some lovely fabrics, and with things being abit tight around here, I decided to turn said fabric into something to wear. I even used different colors of thread because it's just what I had on hand - two nearly empty spools. Funny thing is that all this penny-pinching has changed me. I am finding I enjoy the process of creating more than the process of shopping. I don't think I will give up the creating even when the economic tide changes.

My final reason for designing clothes - from scratch - is that I want a new Spring shirt. A fresh burst of color in my wardrobe. Now. Tonight.

Here I go...

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  1. How late did you stay up sewing your new wardrobe?! :) I can't wait to see how this turned out. I want to be brave enough to sew a dress without a pattern. Ah.... So far, a skirt is as far as my courage can take me.


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