Here is one of the Challah loaves that I froze after forming it into a braid. I took it out of the freezer at night, and by morning it had risen nicely and was ready to bake. Really quite amazing.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of our lovely evening with family and friends. We had a very untraditional Passover celebration - hense the Challah which although being a Jewish bread it is not served on Passover due to the leaven. We drank wine, sang songs (one of them very badly) and read the Exodus story. All the little ones hunted together for the afikoman and then "redeemed" little treasures for themselves. I think one of the best things about our evening was how much the children enjoyed it. They were very much a part of it all. Finally, we ate REALLY good food. Lots of it. All of which would have made great pictures...but when I'm in the middle of the action, the camera just sits there.

We will have a mellow Easter. I plan on taking lots of pictures :)

Happy Easter, friends!


  1. happy easter to you too!!

  2. Your challah looks beautiful!
    I'm in the midst of making mine for tomorrow (it's in the final rise right now), and I tried over & over to get the six-strand braid right, and just couldn't do it. My husband even tried to help, and we still couldn't swing it. Not sure what the problem was, but mine looks fairly boring now. Oh well. I tried. :) Hopefully it will still taste stunning!

  3. Melissa Joy, Here is a link to a YouTube demo of the braiding.

  4. annie3.4.10

    I believe your son has a video of "the song". So cruel...


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