Sewing Kit

Here are a few sewing kits I recently made.
I like to sew on the go,
and I thought this might be nicer that a plain old ziploc.

 I took all the things I had been carrying around in my fancy ziploc and laid them out on a piece of paper.
I needed a place for embroidery floss, needles, pin cushion, thread and scissors.

Then I cut 2 pieces of happy fabric and cotton batting to the desired size.

Placing the fabrics right sides together with the batting on top of both, I stitched around the edges leaving a hole for turning.

After trimming corners, turning and closing the hole by hand stitching, I stitched lines where I wanted my kit to fold and began sewing on the flaps, pockets and such.

This makes a great gift.

 Which is what I ended up doing with the ones I made. So I still have my fancy ziploc.

1 comment:

  1. Tina,
    These are great! Totally love 'em! You are too sweet to give all your good stuff away. :)


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