My neighbor heard I was quilting and dropped these in my mail box.

So I made one of these and dropped it off in her mail box.

I made this larger one for my daughter out of leftover purse fabric I used for her wedding.

I mostly followed this tutorial. Really I only added in one extra step to make it a bit more easy to stitch around the circle. I ironed my circle's hem around a piece of thick paper, then threw it in a ziploc with the felt, stuffing, floss, thread, scissors and needle so I could work on it at the beach while watching my son surf.

This is a great, inexpensive on-the-go project for those scraps of fabric laying around. It would also be good for a young sewer, and would make a great Christmas gift. I am starting early, because we have decided to do another homemade year which means you can't run to the store last minute! Planning ahead is essential!

If you have any ideas, add it to the flickr group. And let's get started...

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  1. Oooh, I like this pic with the daffodils.


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