Free form quilting

Last year I made this Turning Twenty quilt:

Here is a close-up of the lovely quilting.

I spent around $150 to have it machine quilted. It is beautiful, and I love it, but it means I cannot afford to make quilts, right? Well, not any more. I just discovered free form quilting. All I need for this type of quilting is a darning foot for my very old (my husband bought it for me when we first were married, 27 years ago), not very fancy, machine. Well, here is my first attempt at free form quilting!

I made a whimsical doll quilt.

Along with the free form quilting, I also practiced making wonky squares out of some vintage fabric I found. These wonky squares are actually a bit more tricky than perfectly measured squares, but I love the look, especially with some of the more modern fabrics that I plan on using in a full sized quilt. One homemade Christmas gift for a dear little girl completed, to boot! 
Now, it's time to attempt my boat quilt! Stay tuned...


  1. Very sweet quilt and I love the larger one. Been appreciating your postings, Tina.

  2. Thanks, Diane. I like the brighter, more modern prints, too. I hope to begin another one with happy fabrics soon.


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