New Years Eve Stuffed Bread and Tapenade

Tonight we all gathered around a table that we pulled into the living room to eat this yummy food while doing our tradition of watching the Twilight Zone marathon. Of course my favorite episode is Living Doll. It's about a doll named Tina. Why are dolls and clowns so scary? Especially in black and white!

To make the tapenade,

in a food processer combine 1/2 cup garlic, 1 cup kalamata olives, 1 T red pepper flakes, and enough EVOO to make a paste.

Pour paste into a bowl or deep plate, then
top with evoo and balsamic vinegar

Leftover tapenade will store in a jar in the fridge. Just let set at room temperature and top with fresh evoo and balsamic before serving. I always have some on hand.

Today I served it with this stuffed bread. First cut a good loaf of sourdough bread not quite all the way through to the bottom so the slices stay in place. Then drizzle with evoo, stuff in roasted garlic and olives, then smoked gouda cheese or another flavorful cheese that melts easily. Wrap in foil and bake till heated through. Yum.

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