Pumpkins. Orange with green smudges. Short and fat in greyish green hues. Tall, bright orange pumpkins. Pumpkins that look like somebody took their finger and pushed the tops down to make a great dimple. Tiny pumpkins just the right size for chubby little toddler hands to hold. How many colors and shapes can there be? Each year it seems there are more. I'm thankful that God is not too practical. He delights in creating variety. He could have made all pumpkins one perfect shade of orange, and one simple jack-o-lantern shape. But He didn't. We planted a pumpkin once. It grew crazy. It even climbed up into our apple tree and left a pumpkin hanging. Magic for the children. Magic for me because I kill most plants. I desire to reflect God's creativity in my own life by being less practical and creating for the sake of...beauty.

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