The Young and the Wise

the Young
the Wise

May we always live life together
learning from those who have walked before us.
May the Wise love, laugh and listen
and share their mistakes and successes.
May the Young see their need
for a wise one that they might
love, laugh and listen
and avoid useless mistakes.
Which is why we are all still here by God's providence.
Let's live life together
Not seperated by age,
clothing styles
and ideas.

If I have made mistakes
and can spare one from making the same
it is worth the trouble.

Go forth young child.
God has great plans for you.
Just look over your shoulder from time to time while on your great trek
and you will see
the wise right behind you
loving you
praying for you
offering priceless counsel.
Encouraging you to continue on in the great life that God has given you.

And soon you, too, will see the Young
walking with passion before you, the Wise

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